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Brand/Influencer/Product Marketing

I'm an AMZ CA Top 200 Influencer and I have a track record of being 100% helpful with 50,000+ views across the website. 
Visit my profile here.

I'm currently building my YouTube Channel called "Nifty Nico", which contains my top reviews. 

You may contact me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Startup Consulting and Business Strategy

I have the following certifications:
- Six Sigma Green Belt
- Communications Specialist
- Operations Management 

And have a proven track record (3+ years) in the following business areas:
- Project Management (handled 50+ full lifecycle/agile projects)
- Professional Services Management (40+ professionals across 3 business areas: Web Development, ServiceNow Implementations, Digital Marketing)
- Account Management / Business Development (sold hundreds and thousands of dollars with successful projects and long-term business partners, both B2B and B2C)
- Wealth Management (managed hundreds and thousands of dollars in assets for small to medium corporations and individuals)
- Financial Consulting (gave advice to individuals and corporations seeking a second opinion on their financial management, and to individuals who seek to get out of debt, and 87% are out of debt as of writing)
-Diversification in Human Resources, Branding, and Consulting. (I give advice to companies on how they can diversify not only their stock portfolios, but also on how to attract talents of colour, how to manage religion in the workplace, and create a company culture accepting of any race, sexual orientation, or any disabilities)

You may contact me via this form.